10 Ways to Rid From Aging Spots

Spots that have begun to show on your skin, on face, neck or behind the hands and arms or any other place may be age spots if they are oval and flat on skin and have brown, black, or gray color. A spot that is only freckle sized or go on to be as long as one centimeter, all of them are unwanted on your skin. They don’t let you feel good even if no one else notice them (or ignore them even noticed). So, the easy way out to feel good from within is to get rid of these brown spots on your skin. Certain home remedies may be your saviour for this purpose!

Here’s Few Tips:


Rub onions or onion juice on your age spots 2 times a day until your age spots go away. The vitamin C from lemons and onions are natural skin lighteners.


#2.Apply Aloe Vera Gel:

on your age spots for at least 45 minutes 2 times a day and for better results… Apply Aloe Vera for 8 hours a day to lighten your age spots by putting it on your skin at bedtime.

#3.Use the rind of a watermelon:

Rub the rind of a watermelon on your Age spots and then wash away with cold water.


Turmeric is a good skin whitener but you have to useturmeric powder with milk to make a paste strong enough to remove any Age spots you have or… You can also make a paste by mixing turmeric with curry leaves or sandalwood.


Grind Jaiphal into milk Or Grind Jaiphal & black pepper in milk and then put this mixture on your face before going to bed to remove Age spots.


Put a fresh piece of papaya on your Age spots for 10-to-15 minutes at a time to gradually fade out your age spots.

#7.Yogurt Mask:

After washing your skin with warm water & patting dry… Apply plain whole-milk yogurt for 30 minutes. Do daily for 2 months for best results.

#8.Cumin Seeds:

Boil cumin seeds and then wash your face with that water to get rid of Age spots.

#9.Use lemon juice and apple cider vinegar:

A tsp. of lemon juice & apple cider vinegar applied 2 times per day to your skin will help reduce the appearance of age spots.


The acid from the butter milk helps cleanse your face while also helping to getting rid of age spots.


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