07 Ways To Take Care Of Lips In Winter

The lip skin is very thin, more sensitive, has no oil/sweating glands and no hairy coverage that can protect the lips from the cruel weather.

So, the lips get harmed with a slightly harsh touch. And winter is the biggest worse condition to meetup the lips with dry, chapped, flaky, cracked, painful, itchy or sore state. Of course, there are other reasons to cause dry lips, including dehydration, licking lips, excessive use of chemical products, etc.

Therefore, it is a dream of everyone belonging to smooth, soft and moisturized lips in cold days of winter. Your expectation will be true if you become careful of your lips before starting winter.

For getting baby soft lips, you need to take preventive measures first. Prevention is better than treating dry lips.

If you don’t take care of your lips in time, more serious conditions may be fallen into your lips, like bleeding.

Lips not only symbolize your beauty, but also it talks about your healthy appearance. The nice-looking lips boost up your confidence, while the dry, cracked lips lose your attractiveness and self-dignity.

That’s why; to take care of your dry lips in winter is an urgent routine.

How to Take Care of Your Lips in Winter – A Complete Dry Lip Care Regimen:

#1.Exfoliating Peeling Skin:

In the winter, when your lips become extremely dry, it starts to become chapped. Then, the skin of your lips starts to peel. Just imagine yourself in a party, or in public with the peeling skin on your lips. Doesn’t it feel weird and look ugly? Obviously, it does. It does not only make you look less appealing, but also there are some other prime concerns. The peeling skin of your lips will trap bacteria and let them cause infections. Again, this peeling skin will not let new skin tissues to grow.

So, you should exfoliate your dead skin of lips to allow the new skin to grow again. You should do this very gently and of course carefully. Otherwise, it will start to bleed. You can use a small soft brush, or useful scrub to exfoliate your dead cells.  Scrubs can be ready-made, or home remedies. You can make it by your own at home very simply. Just take one spoon of sugar from your kitchen, and mix them with half spoon of honey. Your scrub should be fully ready by now. Then, just rub this mixture on your lips for 1 or 2 minutes. After the scrubbing, you can use some “La Lune Naturals USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm” on your lips. It will make your lips look softer, shinier, and smoother for long.

#2.Scrub Your Lips Once a Week:

Exfoliating is a good idea to remove the dry, dead or chapped skin cells. After exfoliating, the lips look fresher and more even. You must moisturize your lips after scrubbing. Use the mixer of honey and brown sugar as natural exfoliator. Don’t use commercial scrub, toothbrush or washcloth to exfoliate. It may lead the lips to drier. And don’t scrub more than twice a week.

#3.Take Plenty of Fluids:



People usually drink lesser water in winter compared to summer. Lacking of water in the body causes dehydration, and thus make the lips chapped. To prevent this, you should drink plenty of water to keep your body well-hydrated, and lips prettier this way.

So, you can add some fluids in your diets, especially in winter season. You can drink green juice, herbal teas, soup, and also smoothies. You can also consider fruits, green vegetables, and root veggies in your daily menu, as they contain plenty of water. It will help to nourish and moisturize your lips.

Just push more water into your body. Trust me, it will work better than the ‘so-called’ expensive creams available in the market.

#4.Lemon Juice:

This remedy will help to prevent aging of the skin. It nourishes the sensitive skin on your lips, leaving them smoother and softer than before. Take a small bowl and mix one teaspoon of cream (milk) with 3 drops of lemon juice. Place the bowl in the fridge for an hour. Remove the mixture and apply it on and around the lips, before going to sleep. If you repeat this procedure for three days, you will notice best results. You can also continue it everyday to prevent the lips from aging.

#5.Protect Your Lips during Sleeping:


The night-time is the best duration to let your lips stayed moisturizing all day long in cold months. Apply a beeswax lip balm thickly on your lips. The lips suck the balm throughout the night that basically keeps alive the pout for hours at daytime. Or you can leave some pure honey on the lips. Hone is a natural humectant and anti-oxidant to moisturize, protect and make the lips healthy.

#6.Lip Balm, Best Cure for Dry Lips in Winter:

In buying a lip balm, you should consider long lasting effect, extra moisturizing power, natural ingredients, and SPF sunblock. Otherwise, don’t buy it. The following natural ingredients are mostly considerable:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin A and D
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Aloe Vera

Make a natural lip balm your best friend in dry air. Coat your lips with the balm always. After getting up and washing your face at morning, apply your favorite lip balm. After every eating or drinking, use that. Keep a balm in your purse, on your reading or computer table, so that whenever your lips have a slight tightness, you can find your balm easily.

#7.Apply Honey on Lips:

Honey is well known for getting rid of dark lips. This same honey is also very useful to remove the dryness of lips. It has some tremendous power to moisturize the lips. It can also heal the parched lips. Actually, it has antibacterial powers, which fight with the bacteria trapped into your cracked lips, and prevent them from causing infection.

You can use your finger or a cotton swab to apply honey to your lips periodically throughout the day as you would apply lip balm. You can also apply an extra dose at night before you go to bed, so that the honey can work while you sleep.

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