10 Foods That Will Make You Feel Sad

Burger King isn’t going to make you suicidal, at least I don’t think so. And funnel cakes at the beach might not make you bawl right there on the boardwalk.

But too much of some of this stuff and you may become unlikeable, to yourself and to everyone around you. A mound of research shows that what we consume goes right to our limbic systems, the emotional headquarters of our body.

If we feed it crap, we will feel like crap. If we treat it like the Cadillac we borrowed for the night, it will return the kindness.

Here are ten foods to try to avoid.

#1.Foods containing refined sugar:

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While sugar-rush may sound like the best thing that could happen to you- especially after a bad day at work, the thing is there’s hardly any better recipe for depression than that. And refined sugar is one thing that can cause your sugar levels to go high like a junkie at a drug-carnival. Meaning, you better cut down on all those candies!

#2.Processed food:

Consuming refined or processed carbohydrates — such as white bread, cereal, pasta, or snack foods — is going to cause the same impact on your blood sugar levels as eating a basket of jelly beans. Bagels are processed the same way donuts are. After the initial insulin boost, you will end up fatigued, irritated, and blue.


Everyone’s favourite drink. Everyone except for the guy who hits the bar every evening, that is. Coffee, as you all know contains caffeine which is what helps one be more alert after consumption of the drink. However, caffeine can cause disturbance to your sleeping pattern which obviously alters your mood. This, as we all know is an excellent scenario for getting agitated and/or nervous.


Alcohol is a [central nervous system] depressant. ‘Nuf said. If you have a history of a mood disorder, proceed with extreme caution. Your central nervous system is responsible for taking in information through the senses, controlling motor function, as well as thinking, understanding, and reasoning. It also controls emotion. Alcohol slows all this down, exacerbating symptoms associated with depression.


Meat-_-Source: pcwallart.com

Meat lovers may have a reason to be sad, knowing how their favourite foods could sadden them. A double-whammy if ever there’s one. Anyway, the fact is meat-both red and processes, is chock-full of saturated fat that can alter the insulin levels of your body. As if that’s not enough, unmitigated consumption of meat is also connected to incidences of ailments including cancer and diabetes.

#6. Foods high in sodium:

Fat-free foods might be good for your waistline but not all that great for your emotions. The excess sodium in these products can disrupt your neurological system, contributing to depression, and can muck up your immune system response, causing fatigue. Too much salt also leads to fluid retention and bloating, and I don’t have to tell you how depressing that is.

#7.Artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners or anything that contains them are favourite nemeses for dieticians around the world. And here is one reason why they are right in their stance: the chemical, aspartame which is in artificial sweeteners is known to block the production of serotin- an important neurotransmitter in your body. This can result in headaches, mood swings and that malady which makes an appearance in the dark of the night- insomnia.

#8.Hydrogenated oils:

As if I haven’t already eliminated everything you eat, here is one more. Stay away from the fried chicken, the fried cheese sticks, fried calamari, and, ouch, French fries. Anything that is cooked with hydrogenated oils and contains trans fats could potentially contribute to depression. Also watch out for saturated fats, found in animal products such as deli meats, high-fat dairy, butter, etc. They can clog arteries and prevent blood flow to the brain.

#9.Ice-creams and Donuts:

Determined as I am to bring you info about the foods that can dampen your mood, even I am depressed by this news- that food items which contain high levels of sugar and trans-fat can make the sugar levels in your blood sky-rocket, and have many a negative effect including headache and fatigue. And it’s not just ice-creams we’re talking about here, it’s donuts too, for Godsake! If it’s any consolation, you can try the less sweet and less harmful dark chocolate.

#10.Chips, fries etc.:

Another food category which dieticians use for target practice, chips and fries are made in oils that have omega-6 fatty acids. Even though the Chinese consider the number ‘6’ as lucky, and given China’s renewed economic vigour  the superstitious may make note of such things, the fact remains that the acid that has the ‘6’ as part of its name is not good for you. The reason is that it blocks the Omega-3 fatty acids in your body- the latter is instrumental in elevating your mood and helping maintain a normal functioning of the brain.

In all the rush to meet deadlines and build a good career/ socially acceptable living standards for your family, one thing we all tend to forget is that the food we eat is what we are. Amazing how what you had for lunch could affect the way you behave in the post-lunch meeting, despite your obvious efforts to remain polite to climb the corporate ladder.

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