10 Little Surprises For Your Girlfriend

Dear Boyfriend,

There is a lot you do for me and I love you for that. But there are a few little things I wish you would do without me asking! Here are a few ways in which I would like you to surprise me!




Have dinner ready if she gets home late: silverware, wine in her favorite cup, napkins (paper towels are ok), the whole shebang.


Plan out an entire day meant to comfort and pamper her. Prepare her meals, do her chores, and offer to give her a massage or a bubble bath.


Set up a super cute date night at the place where you first met…! Because it still means a lot!


Put new music on her iPod.


As cheesy as this may sound, brag about her to your friends! And show her how much you love her even when they’re around!



Listen when she comes home upset about something and sympathize even if it sort of doesn’t make any sense.


Let her keep her stuffed animals on the bed even if they sort of freak you out and they’re always getting in the way.


Keep an eye on her stuff when she is drunk. “Is this your sweater?” is a sweet way to say “You dumbass, you left all your shit smashed under the bar.” (Which is what you are allowed to be thinking.)


Let her be a part of your gang. At least sometimes! Invite her to a night out with your friends and let her in on all your dirty secrets! :P


Eat the food she made and say it’s delicious.

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