10 signs that you’re just not over with your ex

Learning all of the signs you are not over your ex is hard. Breaking up is never easy and learning to get over someone that you love is even harder. If you think that you aren’t over your ex, you might want to take a #look at my top 10 signs you are not over your ex completely. Remember, learning the#signs you are not over your ex is the first step to admitting you aren’t over ex!


1. You still think about him/her most days.

It’s not really even a conscious thing. You’ll be going about your day and wonder what he’s doing, if the found a new apartment yet since you know he is looking or if he ever read that thing you sent him/her. Even if it’s not a concrete thought, his/her name is always floating around your brain; even if you don’t want it to be; even if you’ve told it to go away. Some part of you is always still thinking about him/her.

2. You call up your friends for their support

Oh yes, to avert the need you have to talk to somebody, anybody. No actually shortlist those who are your close friends and then zero-in on those with inexhaustible patience! Just listening to your outpourings of – should you move-on or get back with him/her – make these poor souls go numb.



Do you constantly stalk his/her Facebook page just hoping for a status update about you? This is absolutely one of the #first signs you are not over your ex. With all of the social media tools out there, it’s easy to see where your #ex has been and is headed. It’s also easy to see what he is feeling, especially if he is the type to put it all over Facebook.

4. You’re interested in everyone and no one at the same time.

There are a lot of attractive people in the world, and suddenly, you’re noticing them all. You meet someone attractive and halfway interesting, and after five minutes you’ve already imagined your whole life together. You lost love, and so suddenly, your heart is trying to find it again, wherever it can.

At the same time, even though these people are exciting, they never seem to measure up to your past person. You compare everyone new to your ex, and no one is quite as wonderful. No life you can imagine with someone new is quite as magical as what you had before.

You lose interest when you realize it would be too different, and you’re not quite ready for different just yet.

5. You get homicidal if you hear that he is dating someone else.

You have moved on or at least you have managed to convince yourself that it is over. But that’s just moments before you hear the breaking news that he is with that hot girl over there. Your instant reaction – I’ll shoot her!


Do you still have pictures all over your Facebook and all over your apartment of the two of you? This is absolutely one of the signs you are not over your #ex, ladies. When you break up with someone, you shouldn’t have pictures of them all over still. After all, why would you want those memories?

7. You would still do anything for him/her.

You know you’re not together anymore but you still can’t help but be there for him if he ever needs you.

When he needs to talk, you answer the texts or pick up the calls right away, even if he doesn’t do the same for you. If he needs help with something, you exert all of your energy until you’ve found the solution he’s looking for. You can’t help it.

Hell, you’ve spent your free time researching apartments for him and sending him links. You don’t know how to not be there for him; it’s just second nature.

8. His/her track, his/her perfume, his/her movie, his/her line, his/her hang-out place.

You are shopping at your favourite store and then it happens – a familiar smell wafts through the air and there you stand there unable to move as you wonder is it him?! Either you turn into an emotional wreck or ferociously fight going weak in your knees. Everything that you associate with ‘him’ still evokes a reaction.


I know it’s hard to switch your status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single,’ but if you just refuse to do it, on the belief that you two will get back together, it’s definitely a sign you are not over your #ex. Girls, you’ve got to be able to switch your status or at least take it off and make it non-visible. It’s all about the closure, ladies!






10. You can’t detox him/her out of your system

You can’t physically bring yourself to delete his pics or can’t part with that dress which was his favourite. There is no way you can throw away his t-shirt that he left behind or not think about him when watching that mushy movie. When you realise that you are obsessing too much about your ex, you want to become emotion-less!

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