10 Tips To Get Amazing Benefits Of Yogurt.. :)

Yogurt is a super food due to its content of power boosting elements and various natural elements. It is used in a number of natural remedies and is also useful in removing cold. The fat content is yogurt is very low and does not have any harmful effect on the body. The benefits of yogurt cannot be neglected when it comes to health.

There are Following 10 Tips ::

#1.Good For The Digestive System:

Good For The Digestive System

It contains good bacteria which help in better digestion of food. It is also known to help absorption of nutrients better. It is also known to keep stomach infections at bay especially those caused be H pylori bacteria. It is also known to neutralize the bad effects of spicy food and has a cooling effect on the stomach. It also helps control mild dysentery at the same time it can also be used as a laxative.

#2. Prevents High Blood Pressure:

Health benefits of yogurt 5

People withhigh blood pressure can effectively reduce their blood-sugar levels by consuming yogurt on a daily basis. Proper intake of yogurt can also reduce hypertension and even fight kidney diseases. If you eat yogurt daily, you can also prevent yourself from a number of heart diseases.

#3.Makes your teeth pretty.

I know I am not alone in drinking copious amounts of coffee each day. While this habit keeps me awake, it does terrible things for my teeth. It seems that yogurt, although containing sugar, has no harmful effect on enamel. The lactic acid is thought to even have a positive effect in protecting gums and teeth from future damage.


#4.Say Goodbye to Cold:

Health benefits of yogurt 6

Have you caught a cold? Try having some yogurt. Proper intake of yogurt can relieve you from serious cold. You won’t have to suffer from the sniffle irritations anymore. Yogurt also reduces allergies and boosts the cell power effectively. People consuming seven ounces of yogurt per day will be granted with better disease-fighting elements.

#5.Promotes Healthy Bones:

Promotes Healthy Bones

Since curd is a milk product it is obviously rich in calcium and phosphorous which are essential to keep your bones strong and prevent future outbreak of arthritis and osteoporosis.

#6.Yogurt can help you lose weight:

I list this as the last item, but to many this may be the most important. Yogurt helps build muscle (as stated in the last point), which helps burn fat. It is also, as I stated before, a great source of energy to fuel workouts you may be performing to lose weight. Lastly, yogurt contains a fair amount of protein that helps you stay fuller longer.


#7. Prevent Osteoporosis:

Yogurt is often considered as the prime element of the procedure for treating osteoporosis. The food is rich in calcium and other vitamins which enhance the bone density. The calcium content enhance the bone mass for people of all ages.


#8.Beneficial For Women:

Beneficial For Women

Vaginal infections are of common occurrence in women. They usually occur due to yeast. The friendly bacterium in case of curd comes handy in fighting vaginal yeast infections.

#9.Acts As A Mood Booster:

Acts As A Mood Booster

Curd is believed to have a relaxing effect on the nervous system making one feel relaxed and helps overcome stress and helps boost your mood. For better results eat curd mixed with a little honey or flavored with fruits like banana.

#10.Good For The Hair:

Good For The Hair

Curd has anti fungal properties due to the presence of lactic acid. It is therefore used against scalp infections especially dandruff. Applying yogurt directly to the scalp is found to reduce dandruff.

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