10 Tips To Get Benefits Of Strawberry

Did you know that the name ‘strawberry’ is a misnomer as it is not a berry at all? Well, neither did I. Strawberries are considered as an accessory fruit as their fleshy part is not comprised of the plant’s ovaries but of the receptacle that holds the ovaries. A strawberry is an aggregate of several small fruits, each containing one single seed called ‘achene’. Thus, it is the only fruit that has seeds on the outside.

Strawberries can benefit you in numerous ways, and you can use them in several ways to make the most of what they have to offer.

Here’re Some Tips For You:

#1.Excellent Skin Cleanser:

Strawberry has great cleansing properties. Strawberry extracts are often used as an ingredient in skin cleansers, face washes, refreshing bubble baths and rejuvenating facemasks as they contain vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants and exfoliants. Salicylic acid removes dead cells from the face while tightening the pores. Ellagic acid being an antioxidant combats skin damage to maintain its youth and freshness. Thus, strawberries remove impurities and soften the skin as well as soothe allergies and other irritants and provide protection against pollution.

#2.Anti aging benefits:

Strawberries are rich in ellagic acid which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help to prevent the damage by the free radicals by binding to them. Thus this potent antioxidant helps to minimize the wrinkles and also prevents the destruction of the collagen which is responsible for the skin tightness.

#3.Improve Complexion:

If you want to improve your complexion, strawberries are what you should lay your hands on!Strawberries have skin-lightening properties, which can be attributed to the presence of ellagic acid in them. This acid, as already discussed, eliminates blemishes and spots.The antioxidants present in strawberries protect the skin from UV damage.Strawberries also contain vitamin B complex, glucose, carotene, and amino acids, all of which help improve the complexion.

#4.Protection from Ultraviolet Radiation:

Strawberry contains ellagic acid which, when applied topically protects the skin against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which are primarily responsible for skin ageing.

#5.Strawberry foot scrub:

This foot scrub cleans the foot and removes the blemishes and marks on them. This foot scrub is good to get rid of the dry dead skin and to nourish the dry feet. Take 3-4 strawberry and grind them to make pulp. In that mix some brown sugar and honey. Foot scrub is ready. Use this to exfoliate the feet. Gently massage on the heels, toes and bottom part where the dead skin gets accumulated fast. Keep this for another 15 minutes so that it heals the scars and removes the marks. Wash after that.

#6.Prevents Alopecia and Hair Thinning:

Strawberry has a high content of ellagic acid, which protects your hair from thinning or falling and can even be effective in delaying androgenetic alopecia. Strawberry also contains folic acid, vitamins B5 and B6 which prevent hair loss.

#7.Promotes Silky and Shiny Hair:

Strawberries can add extra shine to your hair. For this purpose, mash 7 to 8 ripe strawberries and add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. Mix it with the strawberry mash to make a smooth paste. Apply it over your hair and scalp and cover it with shower cap for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse your hair and shampoo as usual. This will act as a natural conditioner to give you instant natural shiny hair.

#8.Strawberry lip scrub:

A lip scrub is great way to get softer smoother kissable lips. Take on strawberry and grind it to get a smooth consistency. In that mix some sugar and use this lip scrub to exfoliate the lips. Do the scrubbing for 2-3minutes and wash off. You can even try that scrub on the entire face for a glowing skin.

#9. Prevents Fungal Growth:

Strawberry is a good source of minerals like copper, manganese and magnesium. Manganese and copper in combination with dicarboxylic acids produce complexes that can inhibit fungal growth on the scalp.

#10.Strawberry for fairness:

Strawberry juice also make the skin tone lighter. Apply strawberry juice daily on the face in the evening and leave for 20 minutes. Wash after that. This will give a glow and fairer skin complexion.

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