10 Tips To Get Sexy Legs|Firm And Tone Legs… :)

If you’re like me, when you see ladies in their teeny bikinis and their gorgeous long tanned legs, well, you become a little envious.

It’s not that my legs are bad looking. But darn it, they are definitely not what I’d call long and lean.

Since I’m barely over 5 feet tall, I’ve had to accept that maybe my legs are never going to look long, tan, and sexy.

Oh well. There are still a few things I can do to firm and tone my legs and keep them looking great.

If you want to firm & tone your legs and get sexy legs… fast, then try these tips!

#1. Do squats  

Your best bet is to do squats for 3 minutes each evening for a week. If you really want a challenge hold a heavy object while you’re doing them. This will help to exercise the muscles in your legs even more and possibly speed up your getting sexy legs faster.

#2.Walk up a slight incline

This move works your butt, too! Do this for about 15 or 20 minutes each day and you’ll have sexy legs in no time. (This one is my personal favorite, as I like to walk around my neighborhood and look for slight inclines, then walk up them. We have several here locally.

#3. Inner Leg Lift

This leg exercise pairs perfectly with the outer leg lift to battle saddlebags.

#4.Try some high intensity cardio

What this means is you want to be jogging up stairs, or taking a 25 minutes long boxing class for example. Instead of low intensity you want fast and hard intensity. The cool thing about this is that you also get your cardio workout at the same time.

#5.Seated Calf Raise

Want an anytime, anywhere lower leg toner? The seated calf raise can be done during your regular workout routine or at the office.

#6.Do bleacher running

Go somewhere where there are bleachers and run up them like steps. Then, come down in a slower fashion. Do this 3 times a week and it will tone your calves wonderfully! As your legs get used to it, you can also add weight by wearing a backpack — which will build up your leg muscles even more.

#7. Side Lunge

There are lots of variations on the lunge, but the side lunge is ideal for sculpting the quads for a great summer look.

#8.Do leg lifts.

This move tones and exercises your thighs. Lie down on your back, then raise your legs right up into the air. Do 3 sets of 20 leg lifts. You can increase the number as your thighs get sleeker.

#9.Jump !

That’s right, jumping will help to give you toned, sexy legs too. Start out with your feet shoulder-width apart, then bend your hips a little towards the floor. Finally, lift your arms out from the rest of your body and jump as high as you can — landing in a squat position with your arms lowered. Do this 12 times in a row.


Trying any combination of these tips should give you beautiful sexy legs in no time. Another great idea if your legs are your biggest area of concern is to use a leg machine, as seen in this list of 10 Killer Leg Exercises & Tips For Beginners. Finally, don’t forget the importance of eating a healthy diet as well — which can also play a part into having lean, beautiful legs.


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