A pregnant man gives birth to a baby boy

Many people change their gender as they find themselves identifying with another gender. This realisation can come at any age and is a completely normal process. Transgender people face a lot of opposition from all facts of life as they are ostracised because they are different. But they are also humans and capable of achieving same heights as us.

There might be many things in the world that would surprise many people, but have you ever heard that a man gave birth to a baby. This amazing thing happened in Germany, when Thomas Beatie gave birth to a son.

1 Who is Thomas Beatie?

Thomas Beatie was born as Tracy LaGondino in Hawaii, USA. He is a public speaker, advocate for transgender and sexuality rights focused on trans fertility.

He became famous when he decided to get pregnant using donor sperm as his wife at the time was infertile. Beatie had sex reassignment surgery in 2002 and since he wanted to have biological children, he decided to keep his female internal parts as it is.

He proceeded to change the gender on all of his official documents and also married Nancy Gillespie in a legally effective marriage in 2003.

2 The birth of his children

In 2013, Beatie decided to become pregnant using a donor sperm as his wife could not bear children. They decided to have the procedure done in Germany as in 2011, Germany’s Supreme Court ruled that an individual no longer had to remove his/her reproductive organs to be legally perceived as the gender he wants to be transformed into.

Beatie gave birth to a baby boy in Berlin at his home, as he didn’t want to be listed as the mother on official documents, which is a mandatory in Germany.

The state spokesman for the Berlin Senate Administration for Internal Affairs said: “The person in question did not want to appear as a mother but as a father on the birth certificate and that request has been honoured.”

However the Beatie’s demand of keeping the gender of the child as a secret under all circumstances was overruled by the authorities, as they announced it was a boy.

3 Media reaction to the birth

The news of a man giving birth got major media attention as it was the first case in Europe where a transgender man gave birth after becoming pregnant via donor sperm.

Details of the sperm donor and relationship with the transgender man were not revealed to the press as the father wanted to protect his son from attention. Also the Germany welfare state intends to keep a close look at the child in case of any psychological problems stemming from his birth.

4 Divorce from his wife

Beatie has given birth to 3 children and was recently involved in a very famous divorce case in US. In 2012, he filed for divorce from his wife Nancy. But the judge refused to allow the divorce to happen as he was unsure whether the court had jurisdiction to grant one in a marriage where a husband gave birth to 3 children.

Finally after a long drawn procedural hearing, the court granted Beatie the divorce and said that their marriage was valid.

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