Angie Bowie Leaves The Celebrity Big Brother

David Bowie’s ex-wife follows David Gest in leaving Channel 5 show after illness.

The tantrums and tribulations of freshly departed Celebrity Big Brothercontestant Angie Bowie have made for often riveting telly across the past fortnight.

But this was a guilty pleasure where “guilty” felt like a howling understatement. I chuckled despite myself as Angie frantically kicked and pounded on the Diary Room door this week, demanding Channel 5 set her free (her actual words were a good deal more colourful) – and immediately experienced a flush of genuine shame.

A Channel 5 spokesman said: “After being unwell for a few days, Angie Bowie has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house. Her exit will be addressed in tonight’s live show on Channel 5 at 9pm.”

The other housemates could hear her yelling from the diary room as she shouted: “I am not staying here another minute. Get me out of here right now!”

Despite Big Brother’s concerns that it was the “middle of the night” and that things “had to be put in place”, she insisted: “Get me a car and let me be gone, if you want to be cheap get me an Uber.”

It was unclear at the end of the show whether she had left or remained as a housemate.

Gest had taken to his bed over the last few days and left after he informed Big Brother that he was too ill to continue.

“Yanks can’t handle Big Brother – what’s going on!” leered presenter Emma Willis, confirming Angie’s exit during the latest eviction special (in which amiable Strictly Come Dancing alumna Kristina Rihanoff got the boot). Bowie had been the third housemate to quit prematurely. David Gest left on Monday pleading illness while Kim Kardashian confidante Jonathan Cheban legged it for the hills seven days ago, having, it appears, suddenly realised he was participating in a lowest-denominator reality circus.

“So sorry, I got sick,” Angie said, in her final Diary Room confession, after briefly surfacing post-strop to inform her housemates she was running a fever (Stephanie Davis is also feeling poorly – perhaps there is literally something in the water). “They said ‘don’t leave, we’ll take care of you’ – it was the sweetest thing. These are all grand folk.”

Funnily, Angie’s walkout was in the end the most shocking of the lot. Having understandably dissolved into tears upon receiving news of her ex husband’s death from cancer, it seemed she would say her farewells there and then. But she hung in and even appeared to have mended her differences with Tiffany Pollard, with whom she had earlier had an exchange so frank you could smell the brimstone in your living room.

A Channel 5 spokesman said: “Due to medical reasons, David Gest has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house.”A tweet from his official account, made by his team, said: “Sorry guys but DavidGest2016 is a bit poorly just now! When he is all fixed we will let ya know xx.”

Gest was at the centre of a row in the house last week when US reality star Tiffany Pollard thought he was the David who had died, instead of David Bowie.

Gest, Bowie is the latest star to leave the house after Kim Kardashian’s good friend, Jonathan Cheban, quit last week, citing its “bad vibe”. Cheban told Big Brother in the diary room: “I just think that my time here is kind of expired. The house is not fun any more.”

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