Apple open £1million store in Edinburgh..!

LEON WARREN already has three iPhones, two iPads, a MacBook Pro, an Apple TV and an iPod, so while he wasn’t ready to add more to his Apple menagerie he did take home a T-shirt.

The iPhone has been the growth driver that has transformed Apple from a groovy niche player in the computer industry to the world’s largest company, consuming everything in its wake.

Yet the business has been out of sorts this year as questions have arisen over its momentum and whether it is too dependent on the iPhone, which has accounted for 68 per cent, or dollars 123 billion, of its revenue in the year to date.

APPLE nut Leon Warren ­yesterday made sure he pipped hundreds of iFans at the opening of their new £1million store.

The 25-year-old was first in the queue as staff threw open their doors on Edinburgh’s Princes Street, after ­braving the rain to take his place at 4am.

But having already splashed out on three iPhones, two iPads, a MacBook Pro, Apple TV and an iPod, the events technician wasn’t about to add to his hi-tech collection.

Instead, he was delighted to go home with a free T-shirt.

Leon, of the city’s Lochend, said: “I just wanted to see the new store and experience the opening with other fans.

“Every time an iPhone comes out, I get one and I don’t want to throw my old ones out because they’re too good a product.

“I lived in London for a while and I moved down just after the Covent ­Garden Apple store opened in 2010. I was gutted I missed it so I was determined to make it along to this one.

“I was going to camp overnight because I wanted to make sure I’d be the first person but I didn’t get finished work till late so decided against it. I’m glad I didn’t now that I’m first anyway.”

Around 300 folk waited for Scotland’s third Apple store to open at 10am.

They were all desperate to get a glimpse of the renovated 18th century building, which used to be the home to Woolworths and the Crown Hotel. The first 1000 customers got a free T-shirt – but not everyone was excited.

Shopper Carol MacKenzie, 76, said: “Oh they’re all mad, I just don’t get it. I have an Apple computer and I love Apple products, but there’s no way I would queue like this for it.”

Apple’s Chris MacNeill said: ­“Edinburgh will be the face of Apple in Scotland for the many tourists who visit this fabulous city.”

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