good news for those who would like a high definition desktop computer but one that is less expensive than the iMac 27 inch, 5K retina. Recent reports claim, Apple is said to bring out a new desktop computer with a 21.5 inch display and a 4K resolution.  This new iMac has a 4096X2304 display and is said to release in a few months.

The previously launched 27 inch iMac is priced at $1,999 (approx. Rs. 1,27,640) which is cheaper than when it first came out and was $2,499 (approx. Rs. 1,59,511). However it is said that even with a $1,999 computer, one might still have to spend more money in order to get an SSD or fusion drive.


A French website has discovered some new images in the El Capitan beta, two of which are said to show a new 5K iMac and the third one, showing a new image of a 21.5 inch iMac with retina display. While the current 21.5 inch iMac has a 1920X1080 display the new display (4096 x 2304) will allow one to watch a 4K video in its native resolution.


However, the design of this new iMac seems to be the same as before. Currently, the 21.5 inch iMac is priced at $1,099 minimum (approx. Rs. 70,160), however, the new 21.5 inch with 4K display will be slightly more expensive. It will remain a lot cheaper than the 27 inch with 5K display iMac.

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