Bentley decided to revisit its limited edition Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series by Mulliner..


Whatever road you choose in life, do it from a position of unparalleled power and control.

Bentley has decided to revisit its limited edition Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series by Mulliner by showing us how the special model came to life through a video montage. Only seven units were destined to reach the assembly line and the rightful owners got the keys during the Boeing Seafair Air Show in Seattle in United States. Each car was actually inspired by one of the seven Breitling jets and all adopt a Hallmark and Onyx two-tone paint as a connection to the legendary L-39 Albatros jet which served as inspiration for this latest special edition Bentley.

Take in more of every spectacular journey, from the redesigned cabin of the new Continental GT Speed Convertible – the ultimate expression of the open top grand tourer.

Speed is embedded in Bentley’s history. The name dates back to the Le Mans 24 Hour race-winning Speed Six. Then as now, the pursuit of performance was balanced by the quest for refinement.

It’s the same story with the luxurious yet sporty interior cabin that has a similar theme and features newly developed seats featuring Breitling Yellow accents along with a bespoke carbon fiber fascia panel showing an image of the seven Albatros jets in an Avenger flight formation. In addition, all the cars have received special tread plate plaques to denote this indeed a limited edition Bentley.

Alongside this increased performance is a suite of refinements to create the most luxurious travelling experience. They include a new, more sculpted and sporty steering wheel allowing the driver’s hands to fit, and connect, more closely with the car. There’s an optional semi-aniline hide that forms the enhanced straight-flute seating for an even more luxurious travelling experience. Supercar speed meets handcrafted luxury.

Continental GT Speed, detailed specification There aren’t any mechanical changes, so the Bentley Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series has the same 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine which produces a massive 626 bhp and a maximum torque of 819 Nm. This is actually the company’s fastest model ever made as it’s capable of hitting a top speed of no less than 332 kmph.Bentley hasn’t revealed the car’s price tag, but rest assure those seven buyers paid a hefty premium over the standard Continental GT Speed which itself is one of the most expensive models from Crewe money can buy these days.


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