Bollywood Fav Bachelor Salman May Marry In 2016

When will he marry? – the one question everyone keeps asking Salman Khan and his friends, but noone ever answers. Is it possible that the Bombay high court’s acquittal of Salman Khan brings that answer? The acquittal means two things for the actor – no conviction in the 2002 hit-and-run case, and the cue to get married.

Perhaps one of Bollywood’s most-sought-after bachelor, Salman had at one point said he was not ready to get hitched before his court cases were settled. Though the blackbuck poaching case is yet to be resolved, Thursday’s judgment has been a huge relief for the actor.

Several reports on Thursday quoted Subhash Ghai as saying that Salman had not married yet because of the pending court cases. “The case had an impact on his personal life. He could have married at 34. Now he is 50,” NDTV quoted the director.

According to a CNN-IBN report, Ghai said, “Salman has been facing the punishment for 13 years. He did not marry as the case was pending. This is an accident in which a person got killed but has anyone thought of the punishment he is facing. I am proud of our judiciary, the justice has been done.”

English website DNA even claimed Salman Khan might be ready to tie the knot as soon as 2016! “Every time his parents raised the question of his marriage, Salman would turn around to say, ‘What would I tell my wife if the court cases go against me? What would she tell our child? That the father is in jail?’ Salman wanted to be out of the legal tangles before marrying. Now that the verdict is out in his favour, the coast is clear for his marriage,” DNA quoted a source as saying.

The Bombay high court on Thursday said Salman could not be convicted on the strength of the current evidence.

Salman and marriage

Salman had so far dodged the when-are-you-getting-married bullet with a standard response.

In December 2012, in conversation with Rajat Sharma on the TV show Aap Ki Adalat, Salman said, “I will think about marrying only after the courts give their verdicts. If the verdicts go against me, I will marry only after coming out of jail.”

“I hope to be acquitted in both cases, but if I marry before the verdicts, will it be fair? Suppose, if there is a turn of events and I am sent to jail, and my wife has to come with our child to meet me in jail. Will it be fair?” he further said.

Earlier this year, when reports claimed Salman was engaged to Romanian model Iulia Vantur , Salman’s sister Arpita Khan refuted the rumours. Salman too, refuted the claims. “There is a lot of buzz about a lot of things about me, which is never true. Yes, I read what is written, hear what is said, and my right answer to your question would be that I am indifferent to all of it. The small things don’t bother me at all, but they bother my parents. And that really bothers me,” he told a Mumbai tabloid.

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