Deepika Padukone uploaded a funny video of ‘Tamasha’ with Ranbir Kapoor..

While her fans are awaiting the release of ‘Tamasha’ with immense anticipation,Deepika Padukone seems to be enjoying every moment on the sets of the film. She recently revealed her fun side on her Twitter handle after uploading a funny video with Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have played the adorable pair several times on screen, but the two are an adorable pair off screen as well as was evident in a recent video uploaded by Deepika on her Facebook page.

The former romantic couple, who will appear together in the upcoming film Tamasha, are busy with their film promotions And when Ranbir goofed up on camera during one such promotion, Deepika, like a true friend, made sure the world knew about it.

The video of Ranbir and Deepika removing prepared to share a amicable media sum of Tamasha and Ranbir really confidentially says, ‘We’ve finished these before’ before messing adult a Twitter details. “”You can hit us on Tamasha# /…,” says a clueless RK and Deepika bursts out laughing.

She afterwards creates him give out a Instagram sum though Ranbir manages that, while DP can’t control her laughter. Even her Facebook heading takes a puncture during RK saying “Clearly a crony here doesn’t know most about amicable media!”

Tamasha is directed by Imtiaz Ali and is set to release later this year.



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