Dual car bombing detonate car bombs in former ISIS

Isis suicide attackers have detonated two car bombs near pro-government troops in the former Isis-stronghold of Sirte, killing at least 10.

Ahmed Hadia, a spokesman for troops loyal to the UN-backed government who are fighting to liberate the city, said the attack came in the western part of Sirte on Thursday.

He added that he expects the death toll to rise since many of the 20 wounded troops were in critical condition.

“We believe it was conducted by IS fighters who were already outside of Sirte and came to aid their fighters there, who we are surrounding as they remain in their last areas,” he said.

The cars rammed into the troops’ positon at a rallying area and a checkpoint before detonating their explosives.

After the attack, pro-government forces launched a raid into a residential neighborhood in the city, killing three Isis fighters, Mr Haidasaid.

Sirte is Isis’ final bastion in the country and Libyan troops backed by US airstrikes have been forcing the militants into ever-smaller bits of territory.

Libyan officials say the pro-government forces have liberated 70 percent of the city, after seizing several strategic locations last week.

They have lost hundreds of fighters in the push to take the city, and estimate that dozens of Isismilitants have been killed. Hundreds of Isis militants are believed to still remain in the city, which lies on the Mediterranean coastline.

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