Fireworks Photography During Festive Season

During Dussera-Diwali-New Year festive season, whether you are a casual or professional photographer, fireworks are a good subject to experiment with. One may get good results, If a few simple rules and guidelines are followed.

If you get a unhindered place on the top a building nearby the display of fireworks, you will end up with some amazing aerial shots of exploding colourful lights from the fireworks.

Fireworks Displays are something that evoke a lot of emotion in people as they are not only beautiful and spectacular to watch but they also are often used to celebrate momentous occasions.

I’ve had many emails from readers asking how to photograph fireworks displays, quite a few of whom have expressed concern that they might just be too hard to really photograph. My response is always the same – ‘give it a go – you might be surprised at what you end up with’.

My reason for this advice is that back when I bought my first ever SLR (a film one) one of the first things I photographed was fireworks and I was amazed by how easy it was and how spectacular the results were. I think it’s even easier with a digital camera as you can get immediate feedback as to whether the shots you’ve taken are good or not and then make adjustments.

You must use a tripod stand with a long exposure from few seconds for a single explosion mid-air. You may try very long exposure from 20 to 45 seconds, to get a sequence of the display. To avoid the camera shake completely, use a shutter release cord or a remote release. Moreover, set your camera to the lowest available ISO value.

If you do not have the tripod and remote release, you may use a firm rest to cut down on camera shake. At times a little and gentle camera shakes on the firm rest create a bit jagged streaks of light that can be very interesting.

Adjusting ISO is very important, lower ISO is a must for a longer exposure time to have sharp images. You can also compose the shots by including buildings and people in the shots if shooting from the ground with a tripod. With a little experimentation and practice one can become reasonably good in shooting fireworks when an opportunity arises.

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