Freezing the dead is fraught with ethical issues – as heartbreaking example

Cryogenically freezing the dead in the hope of bringing them back to life in the future is a sci-fi answer to a real-world problem, and one that throws up complex ethical issues.

The heartbreaking fate of the cancer-stricken 14-year-old girl is the first case of its type to be settled in court, but it’s unlikely to be the last as even the remotest prospect of surviving will encourage others to gamble on cheating death.

We believe the focus should be on beating fatal illnesses here and now, with enhanced research and better treatments, not pinning all hope on an as yet unproven practice.

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Besides, even if patients could be revived years later, the pain of waking up in an unfamiliar world, with their loved ones long gone, has to be considered.

But if people want to give cryogenics a go, who is to stop them. Yes, regulate the industry to prevent the vulnerable being ripped off by scientists playing god.

Destroying hope, however, would be cruel to families clinging on to even the slimmest of chances.

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