Google has released the Delhi Public Transport Offline app..

Internet giant Google on Thursday launched a new app – Delhi Public Transport App — which aims to make it easier for the residents of the national capital to get around on public transport.

Navigating through intricate roads in large cities gets tedious sometimes. If you have got lost in the small lanes of Delhi before, you need not worry anymore. Google has its focus laid steady on India. It has now decided to come out with atransport navigation app especially for Delhites. This is the very first time Google is targeting a specific city, which the travellers would be very happy about.

The app, available in Google’s Play store for Android devices, is free to download and use. It covers the Delhi Metro, Gurgaon Rapid Metro, DTC buses and DIMTS Orange buses.

Information about the app first leaked in August, when the code for it was discovered in a teardown of a version of the Google Maps app.

The Delhi Public Transport Offline app lets users search for directions to metro and bus stations, look up timings, and plan travel routes even when offline. When users are online, the app can give them metro and bus transit news and delays.

So, even if you aren’t in a wifi zone or do not have your mobile data on, you could still use it. One of the major issues with such navigation apps is high battery usage as it uses location tracking through GPS as well as internet. As this app can work offline, the mobile battery consumption will be quite low as well.

However, if you are connected to internet, there are certain advantages. The online app would give you additional details like delay in the schedule and so on. Keeping the Indian market in mind who doesn’t like to spend much on data and doesn’t have many wifi hubs yet, this is a good step.

Delhi Public Transport app makes the direction and time-table information for Delhi Metro and buses available offline, to help users get information about directions between bus stops and metro routes even when they don’t have any net connection,” Google said in a statement. ”Once the app is downloaded, it uses no data for directions’ queries or timetables, even if the phone is online. A small amount of data is used for news alerts (if online, roughly 1 KB each, about once a day) and user-optional feedback (up to 100 KB per feedback report),” it added.

The app will use the same transit data for DMRC metro, DTC buses, DIMTS (orange) buses and Gurgaon Rapid Metro as that found on Google Maps and available offline for the users. According to Google, around 2.6 million people travel by Delhi Metro.


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