How The Ambanis Do Things Vs How We Do Them

Some people are rich. Others are affluent. Then there is the Ambani family.

Mukesh Ambani walked into a bar, and bought it. That was predictable. Then an elderly woman asked him,” Beta ghar-war liya ki nahi?” And he replied,” Haan Anti-lia.” Sorry.

See, I’m not jealous, I’m just envious at a very high intensity; and the amount of money this family has certainly let’s them do things differently. Their cars are better. Their home is better. And their hobbies are clearly on another level. And by the way, wealth, is certainly not a state of mind.


1. Birthday Presents

We spend a few hundreds to courier a present by air.

They buy off an airplane and get it delivered at their home.

More on this, here

Source | luxpresso



2. Shopping

We compare prices online before going to the nearest market.

They compare weather online and go to the most expensive country to shop.



3. Praying

We offer laddu.

They offer elephants.

More on this, here



4. Movies

We buy PVR tickets and watch movies.

They buy theaters and produce movies.

Source | trak



5. Cricket

We buy a TV to watch our favorite players.

They buy their favorite players, form a team, and watch them play.

Source | wikinewforum



6. School

We write exams to enroll in schools.

They build their own schools.


Source | tedxgatewaychange



7. News

We watch news.

They buy news. Channels.




8. Eating out

We go to a restaurant or bring food home.

They buy a restaurant and bring it home.



9. Home

We live in houses.

They live on a spaceship.

Source | acrobatproductions


10. In case of a fight

We pick up our phone and run to our room.

They pick up a helicopter of their choice, take off from their favorite helipad, and fly to an island.

Source | pprune



11. Daily soap

When the actor says “hazaar crore ki property“, we laugh. For obvious reasons.

When the actor says “hazaar crore ki property“, they laugh. For very different reasons.

Source | timesofindia



12. Voting

We vote for our choice of government.


GIF source | tumblr



Okay, let’s not do a ‘Kejri’ here. I’ll shut up.


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