ICICI Bank launching a new futuristic tool for providing robotic access to lockers

ICICI Bank locker

India’s largest private sector bank, ICICI has launched a new facility named ‘Smart Vault’, which provides automated access to lockers from its safe vault. The bank has incorporated technology that functions independently, without the need for customers approaching any bank personnel in order to access their vaults.


To start with, this new, futuristic locker facility has been offered only at Defense Colony branch, which also provides Wealth Management services. As of now, there are 500 such lockers installed in the branch, and depending on the usage, more branches would be enabled to have this service.


The ‘Smart Vault’ uses robotic technology to access the lockers from the safe vault and enables customers to conveniently access their lockers at any time of their preference, in the comfort of a secure lounge where the locker automatically comes up to the customer. Customers can access the lockers in total privacy without any intervention of the branch staff

The other security features offered through this facility include automatic alarms for sessions beyond a specified time, 24×7 armed guard, video patrolling after the banking hours and SMS alerts to customers on usage of locker.

Salient Features of ‘Smart Vault’

  • Customers can access their lockers 24*7, 7 days a week.
  • Smart Vault uses robotic technology to empower the customer to access their lockers, without any human interface.
  • Instead of customer visiting an enclosed hall or large room to access their lockers via keys, Smart Vault lets the customer access their locker from a secured lounge, while comfortably providing their access details. Using robotic technology, the locker comes to the customer after authentication.
  • Hence, the customer can access their locker in total privacy, without any intervention of bank employees
  • Smart Vault is powered with multi-layered security which has been described as ‘state of the art’.
  • The system includes biometric authentication and debit card & PIN check before providing access
  • Smart Vault has the new dimple key technique, which makes replication almost impossible
  • Besides ICICI Bank’s unbreakable lock-system, the customer can choose their own lock as well
  • To ensure safety of the system, Smart Vault will have a biometric alert facility, wherein a direct call line to a central security team is provided to thwart any attempt to open the lock without permission
  • Every time the locker is accessed, customers will get alert SMS
  • 24*7 video patrolling of the premises and CCTV surveillance.

How to use ‘Smart Vault’?

Bank customers can use their biometric identification, debit card and personal identification number to access the vault. They will have to enter the details again at the kiosk inside the vault to access the locker. Once the details are entered, the robotic arm of the locker will automatically fetch the customer’s locker from the vault and place it in front of the customer.

Most of the features of the Smart Vault  have been innovated and designed in India. The bank claims that each locker can withstand a load of 70 kgs.

Check out this introductory video that shows how ‘Smart Vault’ will function..

We had reported earlier about India’s first Digital village: Akodara, which has been adopted by ICICI Bank, and powered with unique digital initiatives. ICICI Bank were the first to introduced Internet Banking in India, and recently their new mobile banking app ‘Pockets’ have crossed 1 million downloads.

With their new robotics powered locker facility, ICICI Bank has increased the gap between their competitors, and introduced a new paradigm of banking services.




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