Independent woman | Dying To Be Me-Why Women Should Be Allowed To Work..

Independent woman” is a term explored by various sources in popular culture.

The statistics invoked in a new short film titled ‘Dying To Be Me’ are a brutal reminder that it is the economic shackles of being a woman in India that prove the most binding. According to this video, Indian women make up half the country’s population, contribute to 70% of its working house and yet just earn 10% of India’s salary and a miserable 1% of its wealth.

‘Dying To Be Me,’ made by Indian-American filmmaker Deva Katta, was released to mark Independence Day and the message it drives home is the importance of economic independence.

50 per cent of India’s population comprises of women and they contribute to 70 per cent of India’s work hours. But still they earn only 10 per cent of India’s salary and own only one per cent of the wealth. We talk about gender equality and go all feminist, with so many campaigns all around the world, but what about these figures, which prove that there is no equality, really. This video tells us why women need to become financially independent.

“Live free and let live free,” is the film’s conclusion.


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