Indian Reality Show| Bigg Boss is finally revealed voice behind show..!

We have loved Bigg Boss b ecause of Salman Khan, its contestants, and for various other reasons. But many of us have loved Bigg Boss for one obvious reason- the dynamic and fabulous voice of Bigg Boss! We have always wondered who can be the man behind the voice of Bigg Boss and who that awesome man is!

“Bigg Bossha Chahte hai ki aap confession room mein aah jaaye”

Each time you hear this voice in Bigg Boss, it send fear in spines of miss behaving contestants.

Now the voice behind Bigg Boss is finally revealed….

It is Atul Kapoor! He’s the man who has been the contestants’ confidant, psychologist, friend, mentor and much more during the mentally grueling show.

Due to his exceptional voice, he was chosen to voice the show and become ‘The Bigg Boss’ and run the show and keep control over the contestants like a school principal.

Atul has to be very careful and stern when the contestants get out of control.

It is learned that just like the housemates are kept in seclusion and are not allowed to keep contact with anyone, Atul also stays in a different room away from all people.  Reportedly, his location is also kept hidden to the contestants as well for the entire duration of the show.

 Check out some of his pictures with celebs and Bigg Boss contestants…

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