Leak: Launching Of Samsumg Galaxy Note 7

According to ALL the rumours the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be an absolute BEAST with 6GB of RAM, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor, a brand new high-end camera and a shed-load of new software tweaks to make the whole S-Pen stylus experience and multitasking on the big screen better than EVER. On top of that, rumours are now consistently saying the the Galaxy Note 7 will feature a 5.8in QHD Super AMOLED EDGE display with the signature curved screen edges seen on the Galaxy S7 edge. Unlike the Galaxy S7 series, however, this will be the sole model rather than having two variants.

Other rumours point to new software for S-Pen, a potential 500+ GB of storage with a microSD card, a complete redesign of the chassis, market-leading 10nm memory and a bunch more besides. Samsung will want to hit the ground running with the Galaxy Note 7, as it is the company’s last line of defence against Apple’s iPhone 7.

And like many people in the industry, Samsung likely knows that Apple’s next update could well be quite dull, resembling last year’s model with a few internal tweaks. For this reason, Samsung will push very hard in order to build on the momentum established by the AWESOME Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Release Date & Launch

Samsung has now confirmed the Galaxy Note 7 will launch on August 2 in New York, confirming previous rumours about the launch date. Samsung confirmed the news in a blog post and provided the world with its usual vague poster — this one features the S-Pen, as you can see below:

As for what this means for a release date, well, it’s anyone’s guess. Samsung could hit the ground running and confirm a release date immediately after launch or, more likely, it could wait a few weeks before unleashing the handset to retailers.

Samsung will almost certainly try and get the Galaxy Note 7 out before the release of the iPhone 7; no one wants that kind of heat accompanying the release of a new phone, regardless of its capabilities. This means we should, in all likelihood, expect to see the Galaxy Note 7 released before the end of August at the very latest.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Latest News

The Galaxy Note 7 launch is so close we can almost TASTE it, and for that reason we’re not too surprised that there’s still loads of new info pouring out of the rumour mill on a daily basis.

A few details emerged alongside the video, including the fact that it won’t work so well on contact lenses and if you’re wearing glasses. Meanwhile, a set of renders which appear to be official product renders for the full launch, including three colour options; silver titanium, blue coral, and a new gold colour option. There’s also a forth black onyx colour. Lastly, the handset has reportedlygone up for pre-order in Dubai.

On July 20 a set of Korean carrier Korea Telecom device listings has appeared online which appear to show several different variants of the Galaxy Note 7, but crucially every single one is listed with 64GB of storage. There is a growing rumour that the Galaxy Note 7 base model will be 64GB, with Samsung ditching the 32GB lower-tier, as so far the only models showing up in benchmark leaks have had 64GB of onboard storage. The word comes via SamMobile, a site that has been a reliable source for Samsung leaks in the past. It’s believed there may still be a 128GB top-tier edition, but it is curious that so far we have only seen one flavour for the Galaxy Note 7’s memory.

As of July 18 there’s a couple of leaks which essentially re-iterate and apparently “confirm” earlier rumours. A shipping listing on the Zauba database shows that an iris scanner camera was imported from Vietnam for the SM-930F model which is known to be the Galaxy Note 7 at this point. Interestingly, the listing quotes a “3.7M” which could perhaps indicate the megapixel rating of the iris scanner sensor. We’ve already seen multiple leaks of the front panel showing an additional third cut-out for the scanner sensor, and images showing the software interface for the scanner features. Another of snippet of info, coincidentally also originating in Vietnam, is a hands-on video showcase which appears to demonstrate the charging/data cable supplied with the Galaxy Note 7 as a Type-C USB. The video shows a number of cables, but among them one Type-C model has Samsung branding and the code SM-930 again signalling the Note 7 specifically.

Lastly for the July 18 leak set is a set of FCC documentation which mentions one of Samsung’s LED View Cover designs specifically for the Galaxy Note 7 – Samsung has produced LED View Cover cases for multiple devices so far including the recent Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE flagships. The Galaxy Note 7 edition – EF-NN930- will naturally be an upscaled version. As with existing models, the LED View Cover incorporates and LED panel into the cover which displays some information from your phone when the cover is closed (time, date etc).

You can tell we’re getting close to launch because the rumour mill isn’t content with one leak every day or two, nope, now we’re consistently getting two, three, even four or five leaks relating to the Note 7 pretty much every day! The July 14 batch appears to once again confirm the iris scanner feature thanks to a screenshot showing the iris scanner unlock interface screen within the Android software. According to accompanying details, the user needs to position the phone so that their eyes are inside two on-screen circles, with the phone held around 25-35cm away from the face.

Our next story from the same day is pretty much confirmation that the Note 7 is going to arrive soon – but then we knew that already because Samsung has announced the date. Anyway, point is, the Galaxy Note 7 has shown up at the US FCC certification authority, meaning it is going through the final stages of being prepped for sale in the country. The listed models appear to correlate with editions we’ve seen in shipping databases and it would seem they are going to be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 rather than the Exynos chips.

Another snippet of info seems to imply that the Galaxy Note 7 will go on sale the very same day it is launched, August 2, according to a report. The word comes via SamMobile, reporting that Korean news source ETNews claims Samsung wants to take advantage of the 2016 Olympics, beginning on August 5 – presumably meaning Samsung has tie-in promotions with the event, something we’ve seen in previous major launches from the firm, in fact, so not a stretch of the imagination at all. The report says Samsung has already secured enough supply of the handset for this rapid release, although it’s not specified whether the immediate sales will be region specific (possibly within South Korea, for example). Samsung has previously launched some models, such as the Note 5, within a week of the unveiling, so again, this isn’t such a crazy idea at all.

Another day another Galaxy Note 7 photo leak. On July 13 sources on Weibo have once again shown some hands-on photos with the much-anticipated phablet, this time from a few more angles and once again with the display switched on showing off more of that new UI.

We’ve now got our first live glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on July 11 courtesy of Dutch site Techtastic, with the photo clearly showing a black coloured iteration of the phablet, complete with a cut-out for an Iris Scanner, as well as the distinctive sweeping lines of that curved EDGE display. In short, the live photo matches up perfectly with the press renders and schematics we’ve seen leaked previously, pretty much confirming that when the phone launches next month there will probably not be too many surprises! Production is expected to have begun this month ahead of the August 2 launch date, so this could either be a late test prototype using the final design, or it could be an early production model fresh off the line.

And what’s more, on the very same day there have now been two additional photo leaks of the Galaxy Note 7 – a much clearer shot has shown up on Weibo, with the display powered on this time to show us some of the lock-screen. The leak reiterates the new custom Note 7 UI we’ve seen rumoured, as well as the iris scanner port and curved display edges.

In additon, some shipping details via the Zauba database have appeared suggesting a “waterproof back glass” panel for the SM-G930F (Galaxy Note 7), implying the larger phablet will not only share the Galaxy S7 EDGE design but also its water resistant properties. Lastly, again on the same day but via a different source, live images from Gadgetarena, again showing the phone powered on and this time from multiple angles, also show a bit more of the UI as the phone is unlocked.

There’s every reason to suspect Samsung will make a big song and dance about the Galaxy Note 7 off the back of the firm’s amazing performance in Q1 and Q2 of 2016 from the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE sales (26 million sales at $43.2 billion); the Note 7 of course shares a lot of design, spec, and features with the Galaxy S7 EDGE. Given how well recieved the Galaxy S7 series was, and how popular the Note series has become, the Galaxy Note 7 could well be the best selling Galaxy Note to date.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been spotted in the AnTuTu benchmarking database on July 7, the model is listed as the SM-N930V and it packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM, contradicting earlier reports of a Snapdragon 821/823 with 6GB of RAM. This is a different model to the one seen in a simultaneously leaked Geekbench result, a SM-N930F with 3GB RAM and a 1.5GHz octa-core CPU, oddly this model seems to use the Exynos 7420 from 2015 rather than the expected Esynos 8890/8893 previously rumoured, however, this could be an early prototype model.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 CPU is now official. Here’s the official line via Qualcomm:

“Building on the technology leadership introduced with the Snapdragon 820 platform,” said Qualcomm, “the 821 is engineered to deliver faster speed, improved power savings, and greater application performance, ensuring 821 powered devices keep pace with the growing performance demands of users to deliver the unmatched user experiences the Snapdragon 800 tier is known for.

“The Snapdragon 821 is engineered to deliver a 10% performance increase over the 820 with the Qualcomm Kryo quad-core CPU, reaching speeds up to 2.4GHz. Why would you introduce something to replace what many consider the best mobile processor available today? Simple, we’re not. Rather than replace the Snapdragon 820, the 821 is designed to complement and extend the competitive strengths of our Snapdragon 800 lineup.”

The AnTuTu results also show 13MP and 5MP cameras, and a 2560×1440 pixel resolution. Interestingly the AnTuTu results also show Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow while the new Geekbench results show Android 7.0 Nougat – the first time the phone has been noted with the latest build. All of this makes it very difficult to discern what the hell Samsung is up to.

On July 6 tipsters at iGyaan.in claim to have come into contact with an internal Samsung memo, which allegedly details some new S-Pen and Air Command software features aboard the Galaxy Note 7. Apparently there are two new shortcuts in the Air Command radial wheel, dubbed “Dictionary” and “Speaking”. The references do not explain what these features do, but it seems pretty likely the Dictionary will function as some kind of word lookup/thesaurus/spellcheck while the “Speaking” is a bit more open to interpretation and could be a speech to text feature; the Galaxy Note series is already well-furnished in terms of handwriting-to-text, so it makes sense as another string to the productivity bow, as it were. The memo also seems to imply some kind of re-design of the S-Pen; to date leaks have shown a similar-looking “push to eject” design as seen on the Note 5, however, there was some controversy surrounding that design as it was possible to break the phone by re-insterting it incorrectly; Samsung issued warnings and instructions on this issue, but is probably keen to troubelshoot it out with a new design to avoid any complications on the new model. Lastly, the memo apparently confirms a Snapdragon 823 chipset, as well as the iris scanner’s ability to lock applications, files, and the phone itself, just like the fingerprint scanner.

As of July 4 several new leaks have appeared regarding the Galaxy Note 7. First up, GSMArenamanaged to exclusivley get hold of a batch of CAD renders showing the Galaxy Note 7 design. You’ll have to forgive the garish colours, which are simply part of the technical drawing to highlight certain features, but importantly we can see it does indeed have a curved EDGE display, as well as a third circular port on the front panel for an Iris Scanner. The rear camera module design and layout doesn’t appear to have changed much, but that fits ok with rumours of the sensors and hardware in use. Other details includes a single speaker grille in the base, along with a Type-C USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

On the subject of the USB port, another of today’s leaks is another accessory design from Olixar, this time a screen protector, complete with product renders which also show the Note 7 itself and we get a good view of not only the curved display but also the Type-C USB port.

Lastly, we appear to have confirmation of three colour variants for the Galaxy Note 7. A Tweet from the oft-reliable @evleaks (Evan Blass) contains a set of official-looking press renders showcasing the colour schemes, together with Blass’ naming of them as “Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, and Blue Coral.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Name & Release Date

Prominent Twitter leakster Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, has posted a couple of gems on the social network. Firstly, Blass confirmed the Galaxy Note 7 name by posting a piece of official Samsung branding/marketing material in the firm’s usual typeface, it clearly reads “Samsung Galaxy Note 7”, Blass simply commented “confirmed”.

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