Look|Shah Ruk Khan little son Abram Thinking

Shah Rukh Khan also remarked that he didn’t have the permission to talk about his kids. On an earlier occassion, Varun Dhawan had said that SRK’s wife Gauri had forbade him from talking about AbRam.

AbRam was perhaps the most pampered member on the sets of ‘Dilwale’. The tiny tot was the apple of everyone’s eye while papa SRK was shooting in Hyderabad. Interestingly, like every loving son, AbRam was also concerned to see his father’s bruises and injuries.

Revealing this at the press conference on Monday (November 9), SRK said, “The dance and fight portions were difficult and I used to get injured. AbRam used to think it is because of Kajol and he used to say ‘Papa Tut Gaye’. More than the villain, he was concerned that ‘agar Kajol ke saath aayega toh baap tut jaayega’. (If I come near Kajol, I will get hurt).”

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