Maruti Suzuki Donates Rs 2 Crore to PM For Flood Victims

Maruti Suzuki has announced that it will be donating Rs. 2 crore to victims of flood in Tamil Nadu. The contribution will be added to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Several customer care initiatives for vehicle owners have also been undertaken.

Alongside, MSIL has taken several customer care initiatives for vehicles impacted by the floods.Around 6500 flood impacted Maruti Suzuki vehicles have reported to Maruti Suzuki dealer workshops, in the past weeks. Of this around 1000 vehicles have been repaired and put back on road, till date.

Currently, Maruti Suzuki has roughly 500 expert technicians in Chennai. Altogether, local and transferred technicians will carry out repair work on affected vehicles. Maruti Suzuki has deployed 31 Mobile Vans to supplement the efforts at their workshops.

Further assisting vehicle owners during these time of hardship, Maruti Suzuki will bear 50 percent of depreciation amount. Service centres of Maruti Suzuki will also be offering 50 percent discount on cleaning and polishing service charge.

The Company has pressed into service 31 Maruti Mobile Vans to supplement the workshops. Maruti Suzuki has rushed spare parts to Tamil Nadu, and has made special arrangements with the insurance companies to speed up survey and approval process.

To support customers in this time of hardship, for the flood affected vehicles repaired under insurance, 50% of the depreciation amount will be borne by Maruti Suzuki. Normally, the total depreciation amount is payable by the customer. Additionally the Company is offering 50% waiver on cleaning and polishing charges.

The Company and its dealers have created special helplines and dedicated cells to assist customers to tow vehicles to the workshops. To cater to the increased vehicle load, the dealers have created additional parking yards for the flood affected vehicles.

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