Omg! 8 Year Old Child Kidnapped and Murdered

On 1st march, a 8 Year old boy was kidnapped in kalyan town on outskirts of Mumbai. The boy’s family has paid rupees 15 lakh to ransom, even that boy was murdered. The boy name was Nayan.

Police said, Nayan was getting off form his school bus when he was approached by the family’s domestic help who claimed come to pick him up. But when his reached there he saw that a man comes on motorcycle and the boy went with him.

After kidnapping Boy they called his father Santosh Jain for demand ransom. His father immediately informed to police and those formed four team and set a trap for the accused.

In the meanwhile police identified 3 kidnappers after spotting them on CCTV footage. And On friday’s afternoon, Mr. Santosh Jain left  a bag full of Rs. 15 lakh in it outside a railway station as directed by kidnappers. When the accused bolted away on motorcycle with the ransom, the police chased them and finally arrested 3 of them.

When police asked them few questions, kidnappers confessed that they were scared to have been identified and that’s why they had killed the child.

Nayan’s body was later recovered from a river 30 km away.

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