OMG…He Thought That Has Varicose Vein, Then The Doctor Told Him That Something Lives In His Body..

The whole time this man was convinced that has varicose vein and the bottom of the right leg. Which was really enlarge. He visit a doctor for medical advice. He was in shock when the doctor told him what actually he has in the leg. It was not problem with varicose vein, but warm that has living in the body for a long time.

I know it sounds crazy but that’s the true.The worm ends up in his body while his was on vacation in Nigeria. Soon after he experienced severe itching on the leg.

The doctors diagnosed him with a disease known as hookworm, which is caused by parasites in the human intestines and causes a rash, cough, shortness of breath, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea …

For the whole time he thought that he has a problem with varicose vein but in fact he had the worm inside his body. Earthworm leaves its eggs in the human body and so the parasite develops. Infection can pick up a man’s skin if you come in contact with eggs nematodes, for example if you walk barefoot in the sand or earth.

Thanks to good doctors, the 42-year-old is currently recovering well.

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