Revealing his original identity proved costly for underworld don Chhota Rajan..

Underworld don Chhota Rajan was flown in an Indian Air Force Gulfstream-III aircraft from Bali and after reaching India was straight away taken to CBI headquarters at 6:10 am on Friday. He is at present in CBI custody and a magistrate is likely to visit the CBI office to grant him official custody by Saturday morning. He was put under medical tests after his arrival. “He is medically fit and does not need any dialysis,” a CBI spokesperson said. Meanwhile, it has become clear now that Rajan was responsible for his capture. Travelling on a fake passport, Rajan landed in the immigration net in Bali when he accidentally gave his real name. Though the forged documents had his name as Mohan Kumar, he instinctively said, “Rajendra Nikhalje”, when asked his name.

Following this, the gangster was immediately arrested. The Indonesia authorities confirmed that Rajan was the one against whom a Red Corner Notice was issued. An identification process was carried out and 11 out of 18 points of finger print samples provided in the notice matched with those of the underworld don.

Giving details about the arrest of the don in Indonesia, CBI sources today said when he was asked to step out of the queue at Bali by the immigration authorities and identify himself, Rajan told his real name is Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje and not Mohan Kumar as mentioned in his passport.They said after this, the Indonesian authorities were confirmed that he was the person against whom Red Corner Notice was issued.The authorities then started identification process and 11 out of 18 points of finger print samples given in the notice matched which confirmed his identity. The sources said he would soon be produced before a magistrate for custody.

Strict security has been deployed in front of the CBI headquarters and the area has been closed for public movement. Within headquarters, personnel of Quick Reaction Team of CISF, Nagaland Police and Delhi Police are watching every entry and exit. Heavy barricading has been done by the Delhi Police at three spots on the road.

Chhota Rajan has been on Interpol’s most-wanted list for over two decades. Rajan, who has come back to India after 27 years, is wanted in over 75 crimes ranging from murder, extortion to smuggling and drug trafficking.

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