Robotic chargers are developing Tesla for electric cars

Tesla Robotized Charger

Elon Musk wants his Tesla cars to exude quality while at the same time being as convenient as the gas-guzzling alternatives. However, when it comes to charging an electric car, things just got a little bit creepy over at Tesla’s R&D department.


Strangely, we have known this was in the works since December of last year, when Elon tweeted that Tesla was developing a movable charger prototype that automatically connects to the car’s side-mounted charging port.
I assume the charging tentacle has a camera embedded in the end that searches out the lit charging port on the car and lines things up. It reminds me of how the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft comes in to dock with ISS, actually.
Btw, we are actually working on a charger that automatically moves out from the wall & connects like a solid metal snake.
As the Tesla geeks refine this system I expect it to get a lot quicker at finding and attaching to the charge port. I also expect Tesla will make this a standard feature at its charging stations as soon as possible because it just adds to the convenience factor while allowing them to operate without need of a human.
Following the initial announcement in December, Elon stated in a later tweet that the robot will be compatible with every Tesla model moving forward, so owners of the conceptual Model X needn’t fear over being left behind in the forward progression of robotized vehicle chargers.

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