Secret Of Karisma Kapoor estranged husband Sunjay Kapur

We all know by now that Karisma Kapoor’s husband Sunjay Kapur had filed a fresh divorce petition in December. Sanjay alleged that  Karisma didn’t fulfill their terms of separation and has also ‘extracted’ substantial amount of money from him. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Sunjay has claimed in a fresh divorce petition filed in a Bandra family court that the star had married him for his money. This is what he claims, “Actor Karisma Kapoor married Sunjay Kapur for his money and ‘in a calculated and clinical manner’, sponged off his family to pursue a lavish lifestyle.”

Alleging that Karisma married him as a rebound after her break up with Abhishek Bachchan, the petition goes on accuse her of “failing as a wife, daughter-in-law and as a mother”. The petition alleges that as their 11-year-old marriage fell apart, she tried to portray him as a substance abuser, an alcoholic and a cheating husband, even as she had an affair, the report said.

Karisma’s lawyer, Kranti Sathe told the daily, “The petition did not formalise on Wednesday. We have filed an application to withdraw consent from the petition. Our stand is that there is no compliance from his (Sunjay’s) side and therefore we want to withdraw. The court has asked both parties to be present on Friday.”

She added, “Kapur just has two more days to comply with the signed norms. Till date, he has not initiated the process; neither did he approach the court to seek an extension, nor was he present during the proceedings today. Hence, we have decided to withdraw our consent.”

As per the court’s orders, Sunjay was supposed to meet financial commitments within a period of six months from the time of signing the consent papers but he miserably failed at it.

Meanwhile, Sunjay’s lawyer Narayan Suvarna has also said, “Even we have filed an application to withdraw consent from the petition on the same ground — that there is no compliance from her (Karisma’s) side.”

However, Karisma’s lawyers have refuted all the allegations as false and baseless. “We will tell the court that he is causing great harm to the children’s welfare by spreading false stories. We don’t want trial by media,” Kranti Sathe told Mumbai Mirror.

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