Shatrughan Sinha bats for Shah Rukh Khan


Expressing the collective joy and relief of the entire film fraternity over the lifting of the ban on Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhede stadium, Shatrughan Sinha says, “When did the ban ever make any sense? Lifting it is no big deal. It is only the correct thing to do after three years of unjustified banning.”

Shatrughan Sinha describes Shah Rukh as a people’s artiste. “He’s a golden-hearted superstar with not a mean bone in his body. If he did have an outburst at the Wankhede Stadium, it must have been with good reason. Shah Rukh knows how to conduct himself in public. Whatever he did at that time, must have been under extreme provocation. Lekin jaane do. It’s over now. I am glad better sense has prevailed.”

Shatruji sees Shah Rukh as an asset to cricket. “At a time when there is betting overpowering the batting, Shah Rukh is the clean healthy sporting face of cricket through the IPL. The Cricket Board should value his presence-he adds a tremendous lot to the appeal of the game-rather than placing meaningless bans.”

Shatruji sees little impact of the lifting of the ban on the superstar. “Shah Rukh will remain the same beloved superstar irrespective of the ban or its lifting. He never asked for the ban. He didn’t ask for it to be lifted. It’s all part of a game that has nothing to do with the spirit of cricket.”

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