Sunny Deol At Agenda Of Launching His Sons Soon

Sunny Deol says he is directing his eldest son 23-year-old Karan’s maiden film next year which will be followed by Rajveer’s launch.

Agenda Aaj Tak’s session titled “Yamla Pagla Deewana” today was with the Bollywood actor Sunny Deol. The Ghatak actor delivered some of his all time hit dialogues from and mesmerized the audience with his signature steps. While talking to Aaj Tak anchor Sweta Singh, he said that he will be launching his sons in Bollywood next year.

Sunny Deol said, we will get to know about his role in Ghayal 2 only when it is on the screens. The film is not a sequel and will be releasing 25 years after the original Ghayal hit the screen.

The “Gadar” actor says as opposed to the general notion, star kids don’t have it easy in the film industry as there is a lot more pressure on them than actors from non-film background.

“I don’t think it’s only star kids but a lot of newcomers who are coming into the film industry without any connections. I feel it’s more difficult for star kids to make it in the movie industry.”

Sunny is gearing up for the release if his next film “Ghayal Once Again” which he has also written and directed. The film is the sequel to 1990 super hit action drama “Ghayal”.

Sunny took over the crowd with his famous dialogues “Dhai Kilo ka Haath”, “Taarikh pe taarikh” along with his father’s famous dialogue from Sholay.

He also talked about his upcoming film which sees him in a double role. “This is the first time I would be playing a double role,” he said.

The actor says he decided to make the film as the story is very relevant in today’s times. “I wanted to make the film because I felt that the situations have not changed much. Rather I think as a society we have gone down.

This is very relevant.” The film produced by Sunny’ father Dharmendra, which also stars Soha Ali Khan and Om Puri, and will release on January 15. Sunny’s father had tried his hands in politics but the actor says he has no such aspiration.

“When dad joined politics we didn’t know what it was like. I will never get into politics.”

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