Technology ||Tim Cook revealed,The new Apple TV will arrive this month as promised..

We knew Apple’s new TV set-top box would be coming soon, but now we’ve got a date.

On stage at the WSJ Live event, Apple’s CEO is being interviewed tonight , and Tim Cook revealed that yes, the new Apple TV will arrive this month as promised. The taller, more powerful fourth generation box is due to ship next week, bringing along its touchpad remote and access to the App Store with tvOS.

There were no specifics about in-store purchases or online orders, so those waiting may not have to wait until next month after all. In his comments he explained the TV experience is a decade behind the iPhone, and needs to be modernized.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently pondered a future where apps are bundled like channels, but for now Cook is just focusing on how ridiculous the traditional pay TV setup is and where it can be improved upon, saying “Have you ever tried to buy HBO through a cable company?” Good point.

The Apple TV costs $149 for a 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB version, and Apple will start taking orders on Monday for shipping by the end of the week. On stage tonight, Cook called it “the foundation of the future of TV.”

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