This Woman Spend $76,000 For Perfect Body

When the goals are bigger, the preparation and methods also become extreme. For example, someone looking to be an Olympic swimmer or a national level athlete puts in hours and hours of training, pushing their body to the last drop to sweat to achieve the larger than life goal. There are so many people who want to climb the Mount Everest and are putting in an effort equivalent to that to achieve their goal. These desires may sometime become our obsession and may come at unexpected costs. Something similar happened with this woman who has spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgeries to achieve a perfect body and become an embodiment of perfection!

1. The woman who spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery!

Fulvia Pellegrino has almost spent more than $76,000 on plastic surgeries in order to achieve a look that she deems as the perfect body. At the tender age of 15, Fulvia knew that he was a transgender but couldn’t come out to his family as he wouldn’t have been accepted by anyone. Fulvia will now be referred as ‘she’ henceforth in the article.
She was born in small village and it wouldn’t have been easy for her to live as a transgender. To add to this difficulty was her father as he was a clergy man and was certainly not soft to the topic. She tried fitting in as everyone else and as a boy. In fact she would play football, drink beer and go for shooting and do the usual drill to try and be as the boys but it did not last long.


2. Fulvia’s earlier life

Well, she got married 16 years ago. She expressed her actual desire to transition and confessed everything to Marisa, her wife. Marisa was shocked at her confession, but she was always there for Fulvia and supported her for everything. They still live together, more as companions than married couple. But, their lives got complicated because Fulvia continued to chase her dream for the perfect body. They both live in a small town in Italy, Peveragno, but live as outcasts.

Fulvia’s earlier life

3. Her plastic surgeries

Fulvia spent more than $76,000 on different surgical procedures. She spent money of different surgical procedures to get the “perfect” body, such as: breast implants, two rounds of liposuction, nose job and more than 100 lip and cheek augmentations. Well, the biggest problem is that Fulvia is still looking for the “perfect look and she won’t stop until she gets it. “I won’t stop here. I will continue with this, because it’s not perfect yet. When I reach perfection, maybe I will stop”, she says.

Her plastic surgeries

4. Fulvia and her wife’s life now

Fulvia wishes to look like the American transgender adult film star AlannahStarr.

Fulvia and Marisa are living in great financial difficulties and the income comes usually form Marisa’s income as a holistic therapist.

Fulvia has sold everything – including her house – to pay for the surgeries and life isn’t easy for her still. Gone are the days of guns and partying and she continues to face financial problems.

Fulvia and Marisa live as unwanted people in the neighbourhood and she is often regarded as the village clown. She has often been shunned, talked about her at her bag and bad mouthed as a prostitute. So much so, that her father even tried to admit her in a psychiatric ward. And when her father died, she was barred even from the funeral as well.

All these difficulties might have taken a toll on her financially and emotionally but Fulvia is not ready to stop until she achieves what she thinks of as a perfect body.

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