Uber Invested $1-bn In Action Plan For Safety …

Taxi-hailing service Uber is investing “heavily” in safety measures for its customers in the country as it charts a USD 1-billion action plan to ramp up operations here.

“Safety is a top of the line priority for us at Uber and we are investing heavily in this area,” Uber India president Amit Jain told PTI.

The taxi hailing service has been at loggerheads with officials in the national capital where it faced a temporary ban in its services after one of its drivers was accused of raping a passenger last December.

Uber said that the move would help its service reach 1 million daily rides by March 2016, the first time the company has set such target for India, FT said.

Amit Jain, president of Uber India, said the company was “extremely bullish” on the Indian market and that it continues to see a 40 percent monthly growth, FT reported.

Amit Jain, the India president for the San Francisco-based startup, told Economic Times Uber will establish a great support network and public-private partnerships.

“Uber is currently at a $250-million run rate in India, with close to 200,000 rides a day,” an industry source told the financial daily.

Uber stated the investment will help the app-only company reach over 1 million trips per day in the next six to nine months and expected to support over 200,000 jobs in India by 2016.

Taxi-hailing app Uber was launched in India in 2013 from Bengaluru and presently is available in 18 cities.

Jain also added that the company will expand service beyond the 18 cities in which it operates, the largest number in any country outside of the United States.

“We’re committing an additional $1 billion to India in the next six to nine months, so that we can expand and improve our operations, grow into newer cities, develop new products as well as payment solutions, and establish a great support network,” Jain has been quoted as saying in a report in theBusiness Standard.

“You will see us entering new cities, launching new initiatives and products that are specifically India-focussed, and fostering more partnerships and increase our driver partner base,” Jain said.

The San Francisco-headquartered parent company Uber Inc pocketed USD 100 million from Tata Opportunities Fund last week, and will “funnel it into expansions across its 60 plus markets,” Jain said.

The company, which currently has a 1.5 lakh driver base here is growing at about 40 per cent every month, Jain pointed out adding, “we expect to see that continuing to grow over the next few months”.

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