Your Password Is Not Safe Says Netflix

If you are led to believe by Netflix, the video streaming company, that it is going to take care of your password, think again.

Experts from security firm Symantec have warned users that the market for stolen Netflix passwords is on a rise, which apparently gets you a subscription at rock bottom prices.

Every Netflix user gets a message after signing up for the service that the company is going to protect the user’s password. It also tells them to enjoy and forget about passwords.

Symantec said that it detected online advertisements and software capable of procuring log-in credentials of official Netflix subscribers, though did not reveal the names of such nefarious sites and forums.

“We have observed malware and phishing campaigns targeting Netflix users’ information. The details are then added to a growing black market that claims to provide cheaper access to the service,” explained Symantec in a blog post.

Users’ personal details can be accessed by such sites through malware that uses malicious files to steal their Netflix passwords via phishing.

“In these phishing campaigns, attackers redirect users to a fake Netflix website to trick users into providing their login credentials, personal information, and payment cards details,” further added Symantec.

To avoid being a victim of such debauchery, Symatec urges Netflix users to only download the Netflix app from official sources. You can also keep a track of your recently watched shows to check if your account is safe. If you see things you don’t really watch, its better you change your password.

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