You’re your favourite person | 10 signs

There are striking differences between evolved and conscious people and non-evolved, non-conscious people.


Becoming evolved is a process that begins with a conscious awakening. After the awakening, you can no longer go back to the person you once were. As you dive deeper into your personal growth, you’ll see evidences that you evolved and changed.

1) Selfie Obsessed


Since you are totally self obsessed then obviously how can you stay away from the selfie mania! Your instagram feel is littered with your; wake-up selfie, bathroom selfie, breakfast selfie, office selfie, yawn selfie and drunk selfie! Phew!

2)Your favourite movie character ever is Geet from Jab We Met.

Because finally you found a character totally based on you!

Kareena Kapoor

3) Excuse Me!!!
According to you, your problems are the biggest problems. Even if that involves your tiny little toe-nail!

4) You don’t believe in the phrase ‘nobody is perfect’.

Because LOL! You know you are!

Rpyanka Chopra

5) ‘How could someone else look better than me?’
You have to make sure you’re looking the best in a group picture. In case that is not established then you instantly reject that picture.

5) You have the ‘I-am-the-best’ syndrome.

Let’s face it. You’re so much cooler than everyone else. Or so you like to believe.

Rani Mukerji

And you don’t care what anybody else thinks about it.

Sonam Kapoor

6) Me and Wrong? You Must Be Kiddin’

You obviously do not take ANY criticism against you. You find it absolutely irrelevant and silly!

7) What sounds like bragging to others is actually a totally normal conversation for you.

because aren’t you just great at every damn thing?

Kareena Kapoor

8) Dramatic Much!

And since you never want to stay away from the limelight, drama is an essential part of your life!

9) It’s blasphemy if someone were to tell you that there’s something wrong with you, or that you’re self obsessed.

What’s wrong with the world now? Seriously.

sonam Kapoor

10) I, Me and Myself!

You are so self-absorbed that you hardly get time to realise what’s happening around you and are unable to empathise with others usually.



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